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Our Goals, Values, and What We're Building Towards.

We help make every technology easier, more secure, and more enjoyable for consumers.

To empower trust on the web for interoperability of smart cities and communities across the world.

Interoperability without compromise.

WebBage Smart City

The WebBadge™ Platform We're Building is a 3-in-1 Contact, Credential, and Privacy Manager for the Digital Age of People, Places, and Future Internet of Things.

As our world is becoming increasingly digital, it's clear that it's becoming more difficult for us as consumers to manage our data (including our personal information) spread across the web. With so many websites (1B+ and still counting), understandably but unfortunately, not every one of us are able to keep all of our accounts up-to-date with our latest customer details. Many times, we even lose track of how many accounts we've actually accumulated throughout the years. This lost of control tied with the inability to keep personal information up-to-date out on the open web is a longstanding fundamental problem that poses many concerns, including those relating to privacy and security. Add to that the Internet of Things (20B+ IoT devices and growing) which often require even more accounts to be created and more personal information to be maintained, and it's easy to see consumers getting more overwhelmed and concerned than feeling positive and optimistic with online technologies especially when the risks seem to outweigh the benefits. In order to improve users adoption of technologies and unlock more technological innovations, this trend needs to be addressed and reversed.

At WebBadge, we're working to establish a level of trust on the web to make it possible for a more seamless and smartly connected world which we fundamentally believe needs to start by empowering consumers because when consumers are the first to win, everyone else including connected businesses will win and will continue to win. If improving privacy, trust, and security on the world wide web matters to you, give us a chance and let us know what you think of what we've built so far.