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An online solution for privacy and interoperability. Start by creating, giving, and receiving verifiable badges on the web today!

A 3-in-1 Consumer Platform Democratized and Verifiable On the Web for Digital Transformation.

1. Online Credential Management System: Turn your physical badges, certificates, awards, etc. into digital verifiable badges and issue them out on the web for convenient storage, lookup, proof of ownership, and management all from one place.

2. Personalized Contact Management System: Have finer control of your information and share them exactly how you like. Stop having stale contact details and keep your contacts in sync with any changes to your latest details, and vice versa.

3. Synergistic Privacy Management System: There is a novel synergy with how we've combined the two systems above to improve privacy and interoperability across the web. This is why WebBadge exists and where we intend to provide the most value to our partners and members. After joining, you'll receive a user WIN™ which is a web interoperability number we're introducing to ultimately replace legacy phone numbers as an initial contact information that you can share with less scare. Our goal is to make WIN-WIN™ exchanges the standard way to initially connect with people, places, and Internet of Things.

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